Muriel Mulis...Cornish Pasty Queen

Born and raised in Bodmin Cornwall, England, our great Aunt Muriel knew what making a Cornish pasty was all about. From her own kitchen she would sell to the locals, tin miners and pub owners in the neighborhood. She also taught our Mom how to make them who in turn showed us. Although our fillings are different, we carry on her traditional approach to Cornish pasty making with its distinctive crimp and use of fresh, local, uncooked ingredients. Although she's no longer with us, her spirit lives on in our company motto and drive to make the best pasties available.

About Cornwall

Located on the picturesque, southwest of England, Cornwall is steeped in mythology. From buccas, to giants, knockers to piskies, the Cornish history is full of folklore. Even King Arthur is said to have hailed from Cornwall. The pasty too has a long history there, being a documented part of the British diet since the 13th century.

Tin miners and the Cornish pasty

Although the pasty was eaten by everyone, it became very popular with the tin miners. They needed a good meal that was portable, handheld and packed with nutrition to get them through a hard day in the mine. As the miners moved to other locations for work, often overseas, they took the tradition of Cornish pasty making with them. Consequently, variations of the pasty can be found in Austrailia, the United States, Spain, Jamaica, Argentina, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland and elsewhere.