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ELSMORE delivers tasty plant based, vegan pasties, in two different sizes & a variety of flavors. All of our pasties are handmade focusing on local ingredients and sustainable produce. Simply bake from frozen and serve to enjoy. Pair it up with your choice of sauces or sides (salads or fries). The possibilities are endless. Please call us at (450) 201-0761 to receive our product brochure & price list, or to setup a tasting, or receive samples.  We hope you enjoy our site and please take a moment to drop us a line or check us out on Facebook & Instagram.

Baking & Re-heating

Pre-heat standard oven to 350f. Place frozen pasties on a parchment lined baking sheet & bake for 50 min. No need to glaze before hand as we have done this for you. You can pre-cook in advance and keep in the fridge to re-heat when needed. 

For re-heating from the fridge, we suggest a short time in the microwave on high for 1 min, then into the oven at 400f for 5 min.

*Pasties can be re-frozen after cooking to be thawed in the fridge before re-heating to order. 

Always ensure the internal temp. of the pasty reaches 165f after re-heating.

We strongly discourage the use of a microwave only, as this will affect the pastry and dry out the filling. A pasty is not a pizza pocket!

*Cooking times may vary due to oven efficacy and convection vs. conventional heat, slight adjustments may be necessary to cooking & re-heating times. 

Elsmore Pasty co.

Being Canada's first exclusive plant based-vegan pasty makers we worked hard to ensure the best quality pasty. Our 100% Canadian flour is unbleached and contains no ADA, our fats are kosher Parve, trans fat free, non-GMO with zero cholesterol and RSPO certified. We source local produce as much as possible and work with Quebec suppliers and companies for all of our needs. This mindset translates into a tasty, lovingly crimped, 100% Quebec made pasty.